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Strengthen Your Business IT Infrastructure With Advanced Technology Solutions

Protect your IT environment from advanced cyber threats with Assuretek's diverse cybersecurity offerings, including firewall, email security, network security, endpoint & application solutions. Enabling you to strengthen your digital space, applications, and network effectively.

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Email Security Solutions

As a leading cybersecurity provider in London and the South East, we offer robust protection and peace of mind. Securing your IT infrastructure has never been more critical. Systems are under attack on a daily basis from a variety of threats, with cybercrime now worth billions of pounds worldwide.

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Cybersecurity Strategy Consultation

We deliver strong enterprise cybersecurity solutions. Through consultation and a thorough evaluation of your internal operations, business challenges, and requirements. We then fittingly design custom solutions to address those challenges and ensure smooth operation and security.

Training & Education

We offer interactive and comprehensive training to all levels of your business. This includes board-level briefings, end-user training workshops, and online learning portals.

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CyberSecurity Audit

Pinpoint and prioritize areas for enhancement with our thorough IT health check to ensure your system stays in top form. Our complete audit evaluates your current IT setup to identify both potential risks and opportunities, ensuring you get the protection you require

Email Security

Protect your data and inbox against malicious malware attacks, unwanted spam, and phishing emails. Stay safe and secure with our extensive IT offerings. We perform a thorough evaluation of your business objectives and challenges. To deliver tailored solutions that align with your business needs and security requirements, ensuring optimal business operation of your business.

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Anti-Malware Prevention

Secure your digital environment against potential threats. Assuretek helps safeguard organizations against malicious software threats shared through email inboxes. Email is a common medium for malware attacks. Our anti-malware prevention provides proactive threat mitigation via scanning and removing hostile software to prevent breaches while safeguarding your data.

Anti-Spam Prevention

Offering the latest anti-spam technologies to safeguard your digital assets from malicious content. Our advanced security solution strictly scans emails for threats, preemptively blocking suspicious messages. It filters out unsolicited or junk emails, enhancing productivity by letting employees focus on their tasks. Assuretek prioritizes security with powerful search capabilities and full message visibility.

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Defending Against Malicious Phishing Software

We utilize state-of-the-art security solutions that implement stringent measures to prevent phishing attacks and minimize breach consequences. Our comprehensive solution ensures that your systems remain impervious to messages carrying phishing threats. Protecting your business against spear phishing, whaling, business email compromise, and ransomware attacks.


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