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Strengthen Your Network Against Unauthorized Access and Cyber Threats

A well-built network security solution strengthens your organization against data breaches and ransomware attacks while saving potential costs. We offer cutting-edge network security solutions that safeguard your authorized access to data, applications, and systems, ensuring the integrity and reliability of your network.

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Firewall Protection Solution

With Assuretek, get the apt firewall solution that manages both inbound and outbound network traffic effectively. It protects against malicious traffic, stopping malware and application-layer attacks in their tracks. Our expert IT team will deploy multi-layered firewall solutions to meticulously filter network traffic and prevent unauthorized access attempts. Ensuring the security of your sensitive data.

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Network Detection & Response Solution

This approach utilizes cutting-edge NDR solutions to identify and respond swiftly to potential threats within your network. We utilize tools that analyze raw traffic and flow records to establish models representing typical network behavior, enabling prompt detection of suspicious activity. With Assuretek, you can proactively respond to cyber threats while enhancing network security and gaining valuable insights into network activities.

Integrating Sandboxing Technology

With the use of sandboxing technology, we aim to add an extra layer of defense against emerging threats like zero-day exploits or stealthy attacks. This isolates suspicious content, allowing for safe code execution without risking harm to the host device or network.

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Network Access Control

Enhance your network security and control access with our solution. Control resource availability based on compliance with security policies, preventing unauthorized access.

Denial Of Service Security Shielding

Shield your DNS infrastructure from cyber threats, enhancing its performance. This involves implementing numerous overlapping defenses that include designing redundant servers, security protocols, and detailed DNS logging. DNS security safeguards servers from risks like spoofing, amplification, and DoS attacks.

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WEB Gateway

Web gateway acts as a protective checkpoint, blocking unauthorized and malicious traffic from entering your network. It prevents threats like viruses, trojans, and malware, while also automatically barring access to insecure websites for users.


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