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Safeguard Your Digital Space From Threats & Vulnerabilities

Improve the security of your network endpoints to address vulnerabilities and prevent data breaches, malicious attacks, and zero-day exploits. Strengthening your network security is paramount in this digital domain, as organizations are constantly targeted by advanced threats seeking to compromise data through endpoints and application updates.

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Anti-Malware Prevention Solution

Assuretek assists businesses and organizations against malicious software threats shared through email inboxes. As email is a general medium for malware threats attacks. We at Assuretek defend against such email-based malware threats with our multi-layered solutions, strengthening your security and protecting your digital environment from harm.

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Firewall Protection Solution

With Assuretek, get the apt firewall solution that manages both inbound and outbound network traffic effectively. Protecting it against malicious traffic, stopping malware and application-layer attacks in their tracks. Our certified IT team will deploy multi-layered firewall solutions to meticulously filter network traffic and prevent unauthorized access attempts, ensuring the security of your sensitive data.

Data Leakage Prevention

Extend your data security with Assuretek's data leakage prevention (DLP) services. Gain complete control of sensitive data and safeguard it from potential harm. Our solutions aid in monitoring high-risk activities and performs endpoint and discovery scan while abiding by regulatory compliance.

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Web URL Filtering

Protect your network with URL filtering technology, preventing users from accessing unauthorized content over the internet. Web URL filtering solution is frequently deployed on a firewall or proxy server to proactively block access to malicious host sites. Increase work efficiency and strengthen compliance with adherence to firm policies.

Effective Patch Management for Enhanced Security

Patch Management is an essential aspect of securing your systems and networks. It plays a crucial role in scanning all networked machines to detect missing patches, synchronizing vulnerable databases, deploying the necessary patches, and providing real-time patch deployment updates. With effective patch management solutions in place, the testing, staging, and deployment patches can be easily automated, reducing time and cost in comparison to manual processes.

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Enhanced Application Security Solution

Utilize cutting-edge technology to detect and rectify issues in your applications. Gain complete visibility, reducing the risk of attacks with automated security testing.

Endpoint Security, Detection & Response

Leverage powerful solutions for automated response, analysis, and monitoring of endpoint data. Assuretek offers tailored solutions to investigate suspicious activities on hosts and endpoints.

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