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Strengthen Your Business Infrastructure With Modernized Solutions

Data is pivotal to your success, making swift recovery and restoration of lost files and information essential. We aim to simplify disaster recovery planning, ensuring a seamless and stress-free process to swiftly restore your IT operations.

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Virtual Server Backup

Effectively addressing the increasing complexity of IT infrastructures and advanced cyber threats necessitates a holistic cloud-based, virtual backup solution. Securing business-critical data in any server environment is of utmost importance. Assuretek offers solutions such as Acronis Cyber Protect Veeam and Microsoft Azure that simplify the protection of virtual machines and hosts, offering an intuitive and adaptable solution.

These solutions offer independent and isolated backups to safeguard against data loss. At Assuretek, we offer extensive solutions from VMware and Acronis cyber protect to Microsoft Azure virtual server backups, we offer it all. Streamline your virtual machine and protect it with an intuitive and flexible approach.

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